Take a look around.  All of our products are made in the USA.  Our variety of items (mainly wallets) are made of nylon denier cordura.  Double stitched for added strength, water resistant & washable.  Unlike leather, will not rot, mildew, or discolor when wet.  Thank you for taking time to look at our product and please come back as we work on adding new items.

And while you are here, check out our wallet gift box.  The perfect size for a wallet to help make that present for a special person a little more special.

  (Wallet not included)

All around – Great!

great product,great price,great shipping,thank you

11PLZ-RFID – Top notch construction

Construction quality is top notch. I would envision this wallet lasting a very long time. Exactly what I was looking for. Secures everything smartly and carries extremely well. Would purchase again. Thanks !! A+

Great Wallet

Well made real nylon material wallet. This will probably last a long time. My old one is 30 years old and the Velcro got warn out which is why I bought a new one. This is as good as you will find, very high quality.

Standing the test of Time – Neck ID Holder – 88IDVA

This is my second holder. The first one was purchased over 19 years ago during basic training. The first holder went with me through multiple deployments and stood the test of time. After 19 years the plastic got a crack. Hoping to get another 20 out of this one

Love This Wallet!

I absolutely love this wallet. It feels well made. It has clear window pockets on both sides of the wallet, you can quickly flash your driver's license on one side and whatever other ID (school, work, whatever) on the other side. I wasn't paying attention when ordering, but the dimensions are a little bit wider than I anticipated, but it's no problem and still fits in my jean pocket just fine. The mesh zippered inner pouch is perfect for a bit of loose change, and whatever bulk it adds to the wallet is hardly noticeable. The velcro (hook/loop) closure keeps everything nice and secure. I highly recommend this item...88PL2B