Take a look around.  All of our products are made in the USA.  Our variety of items (mainly wallets) are made of nylon denier cordura.  Double stitched for added strength, water resistant & washable.  Unlike leather, will not rot, mildew, or discolor when wet.  Thank you for taking time to look at our product and please come back as we work on adding new items.

And while you are here, check out our wallet gift box.  The perfect size for a wallet to help make that present for a special person a little more special.

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Many Uses

This is a great wallet! Described as a "men's" wallet, I purchased it because I've been working to lighten the load in my purse. It's big enough to hold sufficient cash, credit cards, and things like health and car insurance identification, but slim and light. And the bright, happy color makes it easy to find in my purse.*****California Bifold Wallet with Inside Hook & Loop Pocket***SKU:  12PL-OR-FO

Made in USA

Good quality wallet, made in the USA!

Knife Case

This is my 2nd sheath from Rainbow of California. The first is still going strong, so when I needed a sheath for a Swiss Army Outrider, I thought of them first. The large size fits the knife perfectly. There is always one corner of their sheaths where the nylon is cut and melted. It tends to be uncomfortably sharp, but is easily trimmed with scissors or a sharp knife to make the sheath perfect.

I highly recommend these wallets!

I am happy with this basic, well made wallet. I Had a rainbow wallet Years ago, it lasted a very very long time. Thank you for keeping this brand alive and available. I highly recommend these wallets!

Made to Last

These are very durable, lasting me a long time and I am very hard on them. The company always follows up and seems to care.